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Your weekly shop can help improve care!

Together with The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group, ECH is excited to announce its involvement in the ‘Drakes Community Dollars’ program.

THRF uses the Drakes program to fundraise for their world-leading medical research and patient care initiatives. Our involvement in this program will enable us to raise extra funds that we can further invest into supporting our benevolent activities as well as helping those ECH clients who we know are experiencing financial hardship.

In addition, some of the funds raised will also go towards ECH activities that THRF is supporting, including research and healthy ageing initiatives at the new ECH Care Hotel in Walkerville.

The process is simple! Whenever you shop in a Drakes Supermarket, simply scan your key tag (included with this magazine) and for every $2 you spend, 1 cent gets donated to the THRF/ECH partnership.

THRF is committed to funding research projects which focus on healthy ageing, with aged care one of its most important areas of healthcare.

The charity currently funds more than $2.1 million in research in this area, with THRF CEO Paul Flynn saying this will only increase with the partnership with ECH.

“We are specifically focused on enabling people to live confidently and have the best possible life as they age, which aligns perfectly with ECH’s vision,” Paul said.

“We are impressed with ECH’s progressive approach to care which is embodied in the development of their new Care Hotel at Walkerville. With the ECH community banding with us, we plan to focus on piloting innovative models of care and investing in research projects that will translate into better quality of life and care for older people.”

ECH Chief Executive Dr David Panter added, “we’re really proud to be working with THRF as we have a number of shared values. I encourage you to please use your key tag if you are shopping in Drakes as this is a great way to help raise vital funds for the ECH community.”

If you or anyone you know would like another key tag, please email with your name and address.


Store your Drakes key tag on your mobile phone!

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, you can store your Drakes key tag on a loyalty card app on your phone and simply have it scanned by the cashier.

There are a number of different loyalty card apps out there that you can store your key tag on.

We’ve listed our top loyalty card apps that are compatible for both iPhone and Android users. Simply search the name of the app in the app store on your mobile phone, download it and scan the barcode on the back of your Drakes key tag:

1. Stocard

2. Shopsmart Loyalty Cards

3. VirtualCards

4. Virtual Loyalty Cards Wallet

5. Reward Cards: The Card Wallet