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Walk Your Way to Wellbeing

ECH walking groups can be found wandering through bushland, by creeks and along beaches all across Adelaide. Here’s a spotlight on some of our groups and their walking group leaders.

Group Name: Mindful Walking
Group Leader: Kate Steer
Walking Area: Between Glenelg and Somerton
Walking Style: Gentle mindfulness walks along the beach with a coffee at the end of each walk.
Regular Walkers: 15 but usually around 8 each walk
Kate Says: “I really enjoy it. It’s great meeting up and all having a coffee, and its good exercise. “We start our weekly walk with mindfulness, and don’t talk for the first half, we just listen to the sea. When we turn around we have a good chat and always stop for a coffee at the end.”


Group Name: Modbury Movers
Group Leader:
Carolyn Clarke
Walking Area: Tea Tree Gully
Walking Style: Strolls through the bush or along creeks for about an hour with plenty of breaks and drink stops. Group normally visits a café at the end of each walk.
Regular Walkers: Around 11 people aged in their 60s to 80s
Carolyn Says: “Richard, Grace and myself started the group and it has been running for years. It’s a lovely group, we all chat. We welcome everyone, one of our walkers is legally blind and she comes with her carer. Its just lovely with all the birds and animals along the creek.”



Group Name: Burnside Wanderers
Group Leader: Gill McKay
Walking Area: Eastern suburbs
Walking Style: Varied walks off road along creeks or through parks. Walks often have a theme or are sometimes history related. The group normally walk for an hour, with shorter walks available for people that don’t want to walk as long. All walks start and end at a café with the group having a coffee at the end of each walk.
Regular Walkers: Up to 40, but usually walk in smaller groups, walkers aged in their 50s to 80s
Gill Says: “The walking group members are lovely and are really interesting to talk to. There are so many stories, I always learn something new every walk. I really enjoy it and it keeps me fit! Plus, ECH are fabulous, I get such a lot back by being a volunteer.”


If you are interested in joining or starting a walking group, please call ECH on 1300 275 324 or visit