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Tips for Beating Christmas Stress

Whether you are on your own, or part of a large family with lots of social events, Christmas can be a stressful time for many reasons. Here’s a few tips for a calm and happy festive period.

Be Kind to Yourself

Whatever the source of your Christmas stress, whether it is running around socialising and buying gifts, or frustration at not having friends and family close by to celebrate with, taking time to look after yourself is a great antidote.

Throughout the festive season make sure you eat well, get out and exercise and just do plenty of things that you really enjoy.

Managing Family Tension

Just because you’re related doesn’t mean you automatically get along. Christmas family gatherings can be a major source of stress and anxiety, and even depression when they don’t meet our expectations of a happy family Christmas.

Try to set realistic expectations for your gatherings. It may not be perfect, but try to look for the positives in the family relationships you have. If you know certain topics will cause arguments, avoid them and try to focus on the good parts of the day like the food and the company.

Beating Loneliness

If you are separated from family and friends physically, connect virtually with phone calls or video calls. If you’re more isolated, consider volunteering or attending community events to connect with others.

If you’re alone on Christmas Day, make plans to avoid feeling depressed or lonely. Treat yourself to special meals and some nice gifts and plan some activities you love like going for a walk or starting an activity you’ve always wanted to do.

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