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Time to Look After Your Overall Wellbeing

Massage therapy can help you relax – but it can also do much more than that.

Many ECH clients are turning to massage therapy to help with their overall wellbeing as well as health and wellness goals.

Massage therapy offers a variety of benefits including improved circulation and range of movement, help to loosen muscle tightness and reduce anxiety and stress.

ECH Remedial Massage Therapist Shelley Johnson says massage is especially beneficial for people who have experienced an injury and are looking to improve recovery and regain mobility.

“It’s extremely rewarding to see the improvement in someone who has come in with a physical injury and through massage therapy I’ve been able to help them,” says Shelley.

After fracturing her pelvis in two places, ECH client Joan Matthews required massage therapy to help loosen her muscles and maintain mobility.

“Shelley works on my scar tissue and loosens it up. It’s amazing and you can really feel the difference,” says Joan.

ECH client Russel Iles began seeing Shelley in June to help with a range of health concerns including arthritis and injuries from a previous car accident. He says he has felt enormous relief from his symptoms since his first appointment with Shelley.

“I used to see a physiotherapist and chiropractor twice a month, but I have halved that now after experiencing such great results through massage therapy.”

Shelley considers the needs of the individual and tailors each session to help clients reach their goals.

“Some people have a higher threshold than others, so I adjust the intensity, depth and strength of sessions to match what each client requires and wants.”

She believes that massage therapy can also be highly beneficial to your overall wellbeing as it allows you to unwind and relax.

“Having a massage is a great way for people to take time out for themselves and give their mind a rest.”

For more information on ECH massage therapy services, please visit or call 1300 275 324.