ECH Keep Connected

Technology Bringing People Together

While nothing can ever replace face-to-face contact, its undeniable how helpful digital platforms can be to connect people with their family and friends.

Mint Social is a free of charge digital platform that enables people to remain socially connected via an app.

Similar to other social media platforms, Mint allows ECH staff as well as the client’s family and friends to post text, photos and video updates into a client’s feed. The content can then be viewed, commented on and liked by everyone in the client’s network.

Kevin Mardle lives in Queensland and uses Mint to connect with his mum Betty who is an ECH client on a Home Care package. Mint allows him to check in on her and make sure she is okay.

“I love being able to see what my mum is up to, as I can’t be there to check in on her. It’s great to share what is going on in my life too.”

Living in Queensland Kevin is unable to visit his mum Betty in Adelaide as often as he would like.

Mint has been an absolute lifesaver. It’s such a great initiative for people like me who live far away from a family member.”

Sue Lohmeyer’s mum Deborah is also an ECH client on a Home Care package and lives with dementia.

Her family enjoy the many benefits of Mint because they can see what their mum is up to as they can’t be with her every day. They are able to see when she has been for a walk or enjoyed a cup of coffee with a friend.

“It’s really nice to see her out having a coffee or going for a lovely walk.”

For more information on Mint Social, please visit or call 1300 275 324.