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Spring Clean Your Garden for Summer

Spring is the perfect time to plant and prepare your garden for summer.

ECH Horticultural Therapist Dean Gaston explains, “plants and gardens have a restorative effect, helping to boost your mood and relieve stress. Spending time actively or passively in the garden releases feel-good chemicals from the brain, which brings joy and happiness.”

Dean shares his top tips on how you can spring clean your garden.

Healthy soil equals healthy plants

Spring is a great time to add compost and organic matter to your soil. It will improve the nutrients and quality of your soil as well as improving water retention which will reduce how much you need to water plants in summer. Don’t forget to put mulch over the top!

Make it easy and enjoyable

There are some great ways to make your time in the garden simpler and more enjoyable. The addition of raised plant beds, or using tools that are extendable, can make it easier to reach your plants. Consider adapting your gardening tools to make the handles wider using some foam and tape if hand strength is compromised.

Spring clean

Cut down all your winter flowering plants and look at giving neglected plants and hedges a good prune ready for new growth.

Encourage the good guys

Having a garden with a diverse range of plants encourages bugs and birds that are natural predators for pests such as caterpillars and aphids, so you won’t need to use pesticides.

Consider building or buying an insect hotel for your garden to make a home for the good guys. You can find out more about the benefits of insect hotels for the environment by visiting

ECH Partners with Adelaide Botanic Garden

ECH is excited to announce a new partnership with Adelaide Botanic Garden.

The partnership will include a number of opportunities for ECH clients and residents to enjoy including guided walks and interactive workshops in the gardens.

Watch this space for more information coming soon!