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Positivity at The Heart of Recovery

It has been an extremely challenging year for ECH Walker Court resident Maxwell, yet ever the inspiration to those around him, he has remained positive with the support of ECH and his neighbours.

After being diagnosed with oesophageal and bowel cancer in early 2020, Maxwell began chemotherapy and radiotherapy to help fight the disease.

His journey to recovery involved a major surgery late last year, which resulted in a collapsed lung and a week in the Intensive Care Unit. However, despite the mounting challenges, his determination and resilience never wavered.

Early on, Maxwell committed to not letting his diagnosis or prolonged recovery dampen his spirits. “I’m a very determined person and I knew I had to keep going and stay positive,” says Maxwell.

During his treatments, Maxwell was supported by ECH staff and his neighbours in the village, which he found comforting. ECH staff regularly phoned Maxwell to check on his recovery and wellbeing.

Maxwell says he feels blessed to have neighbours David and Matylda by his side, having developed a strong friendship prior to his diagnosis.

“We often sit on the porch and pass the hours chatting over a coffee, which I look forward to.”

“Having friendships in my village makes me feel cared for and part of a real community.”

David and Matylda have provided genuine support for Maxwell, taking him to appointments and checking in on him to make sure he is okay. “I have found the secret to recovery is to have the right support and I am forever grateful to be part of the community.”

After a tough year, Maxwell continues to have a positive spirit and rewarded himself by purchasing a drone.

He is learning how to use it to take photos during trips to the Flinders Ranges.

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