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Planting Seeds of Positivity

ECH Nairne Retirement Estate village residents Mavis, Jan, Helen and Peter feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such luscious gardens every day.

Located in Nairne, close to the Adelaide Hills, the village features a variety of different garden areas that border each property, showcasing a range of colourful flowers, trees and plant life, including fruit trees, native plants and ornamentals.

ECH Garden Services Officer Mark Basford visits once a week to tend to the gardens and make sure they are always looking their best, which has had a positive impact on village residents.

“The gardens at the ECH Nairne Retirement Estate village are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before,” says Mark.

“I really enjoy visiting each week to maintain the gardens and have a chat with residents. The gardens also become a great talking point.”

ECH resident Mavis says Mark has a real eye for detail and has made a huge difference to the village gardens.

“It’s lovely to have Mark come and visit. He has added to my garden beautifully.”

Mavis has lived in the village for over 30 years and started her garden from scratch when she moved in. She enjoys learning about new plants and trees as Mark adds new varieties to the village.

“If he puts a new plant or tree in, he explains what it is and why he has put it there,” says Mavis.

Similarly, ECH resident Jan says she is always impressed by Mark’s passion for gardening and appreciates the care he takes to look after the gardens for her and her neighbours.

“The rolling lawns, trees and gardens at the front of our village are just lovely. Mark looks after them marvellously,” says Jan.

ECH residents Helen and Peter love having their own garden and being able to choose what plants and trees they want.

“We asked Mark for a couple of little fruit trees and he put them in for us.”

All ECH retirement villages have a dedicated and professional maintenance team who are responsible for looking after the grounds, gardens and buildings so residents can always have a place they can be proud to call home.

Mavis, Jan, Helen and Peter appreciate having their garden maintenance taken care of and are very happy in their picturesque village.

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