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New Year, New Goals

The New Year can be a great motivator to try something new, yet often by the end of January these goals may be as long gone as last year’s Christmas turkey!

If you want to set a winning goal, it needs to be realistic. Choose something you can achieve, then most importantly commit to it. Each time you achieve a step of your goal, congratulate yourself, celebrate and keep going! Not sure what to try in 2021? Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Get Moving
If you know you probably don’t exercise enough, why not set yourself a goal of moving three times a week? It could be 30 minutes of walking, swimming or even joining an ECH exercise program. Put a mark on the calendar each time you do an activity, and each week you achieve three times, reward yourself.

Try Some New Recipes
Set yourself a goal of trying to cook at least one new dish a month. You might even find a new favourite. The Adelaide Central Market has a variety of different dishes you could try your hand at making. Visit to view their recipes online.

Start Making an Annual Memorial Charitable Donation
If you find yourself struggling with how to mark the birthday or anniversary of a friend or relative who has died, you could start a new tradition in 2021 by making a charitable donation in their memory. You could choose a charity that helped them, or just a cause they loved.

Grow Something New
If you love being in the garden yet there’s something you’ve never got around to growing, why not give it a go this year? It could be a veggie patch, herb garden, or the flowers or tree you’ve always wanted.

Get to Know Your Neighbours
If you only know your neighbours as ‘the man with the glasses’ or ‘the lady with the nice garden’, why not make this year the year to learn their names and say a proper hello. Getting to know your neighbours can be great for chats, and you never know, you might have more in common than you think.