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Move Everyday!

It used to be that an apple a day kept the doctor away, but according to ECH General Practitioner Carolyn Harris, it’s actually moving every day that is likely to help prevent major health issues.

“Humans are designed to move,” she explains. “What we know is that people who move and exercise more have much better physical and mental health.”

Activity is good for our bones, muscles, strength and can help with conditions such as heart problems, arthritis, diabetes and weight management.

ECH Exercise Physiologist Chelsea O’Riley, who works with clients in ECH Wellness Centres, suggests if you are not active or haven’t been active for a while, start small. Activities like walking to the shops, housework and gentle gardening all get the body working and start to improve fitness levels.

If you’re not keen on exercise, or find it hard to stay motivated, both Chelsea and Carolyn suggest you find something that you really enjoy, that suits your life, and if you enjoy company – something that you can do with others.

“One of the best things about the ECH Wellness Centres is the motivation it gives people. The staff can support you, people make friends and then they support each other. Some people that attend have health issues, so everyone can relate to each other, they all have something in common,” says Chelsea.

ECH client Dawn Hennessy had never been one to go to the gym, but after trying a class at the ECH Wellness Centre at Morphett Vale, she loved it so much she now attends four classes a week.

“I’d always been active, but I’d never done exercise for the sake of exercise or been to a gym before,” says Dawn.

“I really enjoy exercising at the Wellness Centre and I feel so much better for it. We have a little coffee group after the class so we can have a good chat, and we all have similar interests. It’s not just the exercise that I love as the social aspects are also a real joy too.”

ECH Wellness Centres are located at Walkerville, Henley Beach, Morphett Vale and Victor Harbor. For more information about the activities on offer please call 1300 275 324 or visit