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Meditating your way to Mindfulness

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy for us to get caught up in our to-do lists and forget to remain present in the moment.

As human beings, our natural state is to be relaxed, calm and present, however we are often preoccupied with our thoughts, worrying about the future or thinking about what happened in our past, which causes stress on our bodies.

Mindfulness is the process of recognising when we are stuck in these thoughts and being able to come back into the present moment.

Founder of Agile Mind Amanda Goodfellow works with ECH to provide mindfulness and meditation tips for Home Care Package clients and staff.

“The more time we spend in the present, the clearer our minds to make better decisions,” says Amanda.

The way we come back into a state of presence is by meditating.

“Through meditation, we are connected to something that we can hear, feel or smell in the air and for that moment we have created a space where we are not thinking, but are simply present in the moment.”

On a physical level, when we worry, our nervous system is in a constant fight or flight response, which leads to anxiety. When we are able to slow our breathing and focus on it, this helps to calm our nervous system.

Amanda says mindfulness is extremely beneficial to our mental health as it allows us to remove stress and have more space in our minds to be creative and positive.

“Mindfulness reduces our state of anxiety so that we can remain present and focus on the things that are most important to us.”


The festive season can be an extremely busy time, so it’s important to stop, slow down and remain present in what we are doing. Below are some tips that can help you stay more ‘in the moment’.

  1. Stand or sit still and breathe in for four counts, pause and then breathe out for four counts.
  2. Connect with your senses. Think of three things that you can feel or smell. This could be feeling your feet on the floor or smelling your Christmas cookies baking in the oven.
  3. Try not to drift off with your thoughts that enter your mind – keep settling more into a peacefulawareness.

Look out for more of Amanda’s mindfulness tips in the next edition of Keep Connected magazine.