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Managing Medication at Home

Medications can be a minefield. It’s a fine balance – from taking the correct doses to remembering when they should be taken, when prescriptions need to be refilled, and understanding their role in a health plan.

ECH can provide qualified staff to assess your medication needs, develop plans to help you administer your medication, or assist you in taking your medications.

ECH Clinical Nurse Consultant Merle Simms says ECH Nurses play a major role in identifying issues and providing medication support.

“Sometimes a client might forget to take their medication, get confused about how much to take, need help getting to the pharmacy, or require assistance with arranging regular medication deliveries,” she says.

“ECH Registered Nurses work with clients as well as their families to create a management strategy that everyone feels comfortable with. ECH can also work with you to keep track of your medication routine and identify where any adjustments can be made to further support your wellbeing.”

The service is part of the ECH principle of helping people stay at home as long as possible, with the support they need.

“We do not make decisions for anyone, we simply support them so they can continue to live independently,” says Merle.

She says assistive technology such as automatic medication dispensers and electronic medication timers are valuable tools and they can be trialled and set up at home.

The dispensers and timers act as alarms when it’s time to take or administer medicines.

These timers need to be physically turned off, so medications cannot be forgotten or ignored.

Together with your GP, pharmacist and other health professionals, ECH can work with you to ensure that medications are taken correctly.

ECH Nurses can also accompany ECH clients to their medical appointments.

“This is especially helpful when a client might find it difficult to understand certain medical terminology.”

Having an ECH Nurse conduct a review of your medication every three months helps to identify if and where extra support is needed. In the case of clients with health conditions like Diabetes, an ECH Nurse can visit daily to administer insulin, including weekends and public holidays.

“It’s a one-team approach. If nurses notice anything wrong, it is reported and channeled to the right area,” she says.

No matter your age or medical circumstances, medication management services are available. Call 1300 275 324 to learn more about managing your medication at home, or visit