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Making Your Money go Further

Whatever your budget, its always better to get more for your dollars – here’s 5 top tips to help your money go further.

Seniors Card Discounts
The Seniors Card discount directory – Your Lifestyle Guide – is a complete directory of discounts for South Australian Seniors Card Members including eating out, shopping, entertainment and more. You can view it online at or call 1800 819 961 to have a copy posted to you.

Price Matching
Many shops offer price matching on products such as electrical goods, so when shopping, look around for the cheapest price, and if there is a shop you’d prefer to buy it from ask if they’ll match the price of their competitor.

Petrol Prices
Petrol prices can vary by as much as 40c a litre, which over a 50L tank of fuel could see you paying $20 more than you need to. Websites like Petrol Spy and Motor Mouth will show you all the current prices. Adelaide prices are normally lowest mid-week and generally take two weeks to cycle from highest to lowest.

Grocery Prices
Before you go grocery shopping make a meal planner for your week and stick to your list. When buying products look at the unit price – for example, price per 100-gram, price per litre – to compare products. Don’t be afraid to try cheaper brands – you might be surprised they taste as good as your usual brand. Make the most of bulk buy offers by having a cook up and freezing the extra meals.

Bills and Services
Electricity, gas, health insurance, home insurance, internet and other home expenses can often be reduced by shopping around. Prices may have gone up year on year so if you’ve been with a supplier for a while, it’s always worth checking if there are better deals. You can visit to compare all the retailers and find the best energy plan for you.