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Ingrid’s iPad is a Window to the World

When ECH Home Support Team Member Ellen Beal started her social visits with client Ingrid, she had no idea what a difference her help would make.

Ingrid, who has lost most of her vision, would go for walks with Ellen and began telling her how much she missed being able to do simple things like read the supermarket specials catalogue.

Little did she know that Ellen had excellent technology skills and could help her overcome this by using software that reads text aloud.

Soon, Ellen had Ingrid’s iPad reading magazines, news and emails to her, writing emails by listening to Ingrid’s voice, and even playing her favourite music through the Spotify app.

“I’m so happy!” says Ingrid. “Ellen is the best person, if I had to mark her out of 10 I would give her 12! She is like a really good friend.”

Ingrid, who has a Level 4 Home Care Package (HCP) was also able to use some of her package funds to purchase a new iPad, allowing her access to the software and tools she needed.

For Ellen, being able to bring so much joy to Ingrid has been one of her work highlights.

“Giving people more independence in whatever capacity you can is one of the best parts of this job,” explains

Ellen. “So, when Ingrid explained she was struggling with her iPad I just thought this is something I know and I can share. It has just been fabulous helping Ingrid and watching her learn and be able to do more and more.”

With the help of ECH, and Ellen in particular, Ingrid is now delighted to be able to grab her weekly specials at the supermarket again. “Since I have been with ECH my care has been so perfect,” says Ingrid with a big smile. “Now with this help from Ellen I’m just so grateful, it has changed my life!”



Skype & Facetime – For video calls with her sister in Germany.

YouTube – To listen to and watch audio described videos of just about anything.

Spotify – To listen to music and podcasts.


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