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Help to Get Back on Your Feet

An accident or illness can be difficult to recover from without the right support. ECH offers Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) and Transitional Care Packages (TCP) to help you return to independence.

STRC is an eight-week restorative-based program that focuses on short term rehabilitation. TCPs are slightly different, designed to help people transition from a hospital stay back to their everyday home life.

ECH Senior Occupational Therapist Holly Jasper said both programs are client centred, with ECH working directly with the individual to find out what they would like to improve and helping them develop a plan to achieve it.

“The aim is to set clients up with a program that helps them reach their goals whilst helping to prevent a decline in health.”

Common goals for clients include increasing mobility, strength and endurance, and returning to activities such as showering, cooking or general household tasks.

STRC programs help people who are dealing with a change in their physical health, which is making everyday tasks more difficult. This could be the result of a fall or a flare up of an existing medical condition.

ECH client Helen Bourne was referred to the STRC program with a goal to improve her mobility, endurance and reduce her risk of falls as she experiences difficulties such as inflammatory polyarthritis and multilevel degenerative changes in her neck.

Helen and her husband Gerry, an ECH At-Home client, found out about ECH through a friend and have both been very happy with their experience.

“Everyone we work with at ECH is fantastic.”

Helen’s program involves exercise and massage twice a week, frequent physiotherapy, social support and occasional occupational therapy sessions.

“The STRC program has given me the confidence and motivation to take responsibility for my own health and has given me something to focus on during this difficult time.”

TCP packages are designed to assist people that have experienced a stroke or a serious fall and who require extra support to return home.

These packages offer varying levels of support – high, medium and low – depending on the needs of the individual and are offered for up to 12 weeks.

ECH client Michael Booker is currently receiving TCP after experiencing a stroke earlier this year. After his stroke, Michael was transferred to Flinders Hospital for inpatient rehabilitation before being discharged with a TCP.

Through his TCP, Michael is currently receiving physiotherapy and speech therapy from ECH. He is also enjoying getting out for a walk with his ECH Home Support Team Member three days a week.

“I have found the TCP program extremely beneficial and I’m really thankful for the extra support I receive, particularly working with ECH Physiotherapists and Speech Pathologists.”

For more information on Short-Term Restorative Care or Transitional Care Packages and to find out if you are eligible, contact ECH on 1300 275 324 or visit