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Grandma Lois is Blake’s Inspiration

It was Blake Lennon’s special relationship with his grandmother Lois that made him realise he wanted to follow a career working with older people.

“I had a close relationship with my grandma,” he explains. “She really inspired me and made me realise how much I enjoyed the company of older people, which led to me joining ECH.”

As a Home Support Team Member Blake helps his clients to remain living independently at home for longer by assisting with a range of tasks that many of them can no longer do on their own. This includes helping with personal care, cleaning, cooking and meal preparation as well as taking people to appointments or even for a trip to the museum or a drive along the beach.

“It’s a very varied role,” he laughs. “But I love that about it, you get to help people with so much.

“You really support people. For example, someone could get a taxi to an appointment, I take them to their home before they leave and check they have everything they need for that appointment. I then wait with them at the appointment, support them and see that they get home safely. It’s much more than just transport.”

*Currently men make up just 13% of the roles in aged care across Australia1. Blake would like to see that increase. For male clients, sometimes having another male attend to their personal care can mean a lot.

Blake is passionate about keeping his clients independent. “I love my role. It’s great knowing that each day you have made a difference to someone,” he says. “It’s nice to help someone with a task that might otherwise be a big block to them staying at home and independent.”

Just as he loved talking with his grandma, Blake loves his conversations with his clients and has picked up all sorts of tips along the way, from how to grow a bonsai tree, to learning about wood carving.

“I really enjoy listening to my client’s stories and learning about their history,” he says. “Everyone has something unique to share.”

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