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Glen’s Life is Always On a High Note

Glen’s love of playing the piano entertains his friends, family and the broader ECH community.

At 93, he still regularly plays a tune using only his hands and the ingrained memories of sheet music.

Playing since he was in his 30’s, Glen bonded with the piano after arranging classes for his three daughters.

“My eldest daughter started her piano classes, and I thought wow, I would love to learn to play too,” he says.

This began a six-decade love for piano, which has weaved its way through Glen’s major life milestones.

All three of his daughters – Susan, Andrea and Meredith – went on to learn the instrument, while his late wife Betty would listen to the beautiful sounds of dancing keys.

Glen’s talent and skill on his 1915 Lipp piano is partnered with his love for antiquity, as he describes the history of the beautiful mahogany piece before it fell into his hands.

“I practised classical piano and I still play to this day. I think that once you learn how to read sheet music and play properly, you just get so much better from there.”

His love for antiques is not only just for his World War One piano – the talented pianist also loves collectables and is a regular at Unley’s McKay Mart (antique store).

“I have a hobby for collecting period style furniture, so my house is like a museum,” Glen says.

“People love to look around and ask me so many questions when they come in.”

Glen keeps his front door open when he plays piano so his neighbours can listen in and enjoy the music. As he was playing one day an ECH staff member heard the wonderful music and alerted Keep Connected to Glen’s musical talent.

“I like to leave my door open, as sometimes a neighbour will sneak in and listen for a little while, which I don’t mind,” he says.

Glen utilises ECH At-Home services, receiving personal care and support so he can continue to do the things that he loves.

“The services from ECH have undoubtably helped. A Home Support Team Member will come to help me three times a week and it is excellent,” he says.

Having heard about ECH from his daughter who works in the aged care industry, Glen decided to get a little extra help.

“My daughter works in aged care and she said that ECH is the best, so I decided to go with ECH and I love it,” he says.

For more information about ECH At-Home services, call ECH on 1300 275 324 or visit