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Random Acts of Kindness

Pat Wundersitz, an ECH resident and member of the ECH Bright Bunch Walking Group, is still regularly going out for walks and collecting natural Autumn objects, which she then uses to create stunning paintings. Pat has then been emailing her artwork to the ECH Community Engagement Team for inclusion in their weekly correspondence. Going out to almost 500 people, these emails have been providing inspiration and craft ideas along with generally brightening up their day! Thanks Pat for your continued contribution.

ECH Henley Beach Community Garden

The ECH community garden at Henley Beach is ready for planting! ECH would love to hear from anyone who has a passion for gardening or is interested in offering seedlings to be planted in the new garden. From 8 June, groups of 20 people will be able to attend gardening workshops and social gatherings at the community garden hosted by ECH, with activities designed to focus on the enjoyment of being in a garden together.

Cumberland Park IT Classes

We are looking forward to the Cumberland Park Community Centre reopening again soon. When it does Information Technology (IT) classes will be offered to the older members of the community. The content of these classes will be designed specifically around what participants would like to learn about. There will be a limited number of free tablets available for people to use during the training. Tablets will be thoroughly cleaned in between use.

ECH Pen Pal and Reading Program

The ECH Pen Pal Program is a great way to form an intergenerational connection with younger members of the ECH community. What better time to make a new friend, through writing letters the good, old-fashioned way? There are currently 21 younger members, ranging in ages 4 to 14 years, writing to older people in the community. This is a great opportunity for children to practice their writing, with older people able to share ideas and support young people.

LGBTI Connect

As part of our approach to dealing with the impact of COVID-19, the LGBTI Connectors have been making phone calls to older people within the LGBTI community every fortnight to check on their wellbeing. These phone calls have been a great support to members of the LGBTI community. If you are an ECH client or resident who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or intersex, and would like to connect with other people from the LGBTI community, please contact LGBTI Connect on 1300 275 324 or email

If you would like to get involved in any of these initiatives, please call 1300 275 324 to register your interest.