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Dive into Aquatic Physiotherapy

When it comes to exercising as you age, using warm water at the hydrotherapy pool at ECH College Grove is fairly magical.

The warm water soothes aching muscles and joints and allows you to move more freely. The hydrotherapy pool is used for a range of exercise, from classes to one-to-one physiotherapy sessions, and is heated year round to between 28 and 35 degrees.

ECH Physiotherapist Tom Setchell uses the pool to help clients. “The pool is great because it takes the weight off your joints, the buoyancy of the water actually helps everything stretch out,” he explains.

“It’s good for gentler exercise after operations like knee or hip replacements, or if you have a condition like arthritis or back problems. It’s a very safe way to exercise, especially if you are less stable, as you just fall into the water.”

Everyone who uses the hydrotherapy pool has an initial assessment with an ECH Physiotherapist, then depending on your health and fitness you may start having one-to-one appointments.

For example, Aquatic Physiotherapy can be beneficial if you require rehabilitation following an operation. You can then move into an Aqua Aerobics class and also resume other previous fitness routines or take up new activities such as walking or attending the gym.

Jill Virago, 67, started Aquatic Physiotherapy to get fit and help with her arthritis. Just five sessions in and she can’t get enough of being in the water.

“It really works for me and it’s just fabulous!” she explains. “It’s gentle and beneficial and even after only a few sessions I am really noticing the benefits, I can stand up easier, have more energy and less pain, its wonderful! I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

To find out more about hydrotherapy please call ECH on 1300 275 324 or visit