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Craft Some Happiness

Get crafty this winter by creating something lovely for friends, family or even charity.

Sew Something Special

Members of the Cumberland Park Community Centre have recently formed a Facebook Messenger group where they actively share ideas about knitting, crocheting and sewing. Members of the group offer support and positivity to each other, share jokes and engage in general conversation to make sure everyone is coping during this time of social distancing. The group are still busy knitting for various charities and making ‘sensory blankets’ for people living with dementia. To join this Facebook Messenger group, call 1300 275 324. People from all areas are able to join.

Knit or Crochet for a Cause

Many charities welcome donations of knitted items, such as beanies for newborn babies, blankets for people in wheelchairs and bears for people who are going through tough times. If you’re a knitter or you’ve always wanted to start, now is a great time to get your needles clicking for a cause. The Hand Knitters Guild of SA, donate knitted garments to a range of charities. However, if you want to donate directly to an organisation contact animal shelters or hospitals in your area to see if they need donations.

There are lots of knitting tutorials online, whether you are a beginner or just looking to learn a new stitch.

Thoughtful Bookmarks

Reading is as popular as ever, so why not make a friend or family member a personalised bookmark. You could include their name, or a kind, funny or uplifting message they will see every time they sit down to read. It’s also a great gift to encourage young readers!

Handmade Cards

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a card in the post? Especially if the sender has put the thought and effort into making it. Card making is a fun, inexpensive and practical way to get crafting. You can be as simple or as creative as you like, from pens and coloured card through to special cutters and fancy embellishments. Create and send a card today.

Personalised Recipe Book

If you’ve been cooking for generations, you might just be the best cook in your family, so why not share your knowledge in a handmade recipe book or you could make one for yourself. Simply find a beautiful notebook and start compiling all your favourite recipes – you could leave pages blank at the back for new recipes. If you have access to a laminating machine, you can also make laminated recipe cards, so everyone in the family will know how to make your special recipes!