ECH Keep Connected

Connecting The ECH Community

ECH has a dedicated Customer Service Team that responds to a range of questions and queries from ECH clients to provide information and support across all services.

The support the Customer Service Team provides, enables Reception staff at all ECH sites to deliver an excellent customer experience by ensuring everyone who comes in receives individual attention without the distraction of phone calls and emails. Queries directed to the Customer Service Team are able to be answered quicker, with detailed enquiries being sent directly through to the right person.

The entire Customer Service Team is well trained and extremely knowledgeable across all ECH services and aims to resolve queries in one phone call. Common enquiries include questions about how to access ECH services, new service offerings, bookings for activities and allied health appointments as well as more general questions about how to navigate the aged care system.

ECH Customer Service Manager Phoebe Malycha-Coombs says the Customer Service Team offers a personalised information experience for all callers. “The Customer Service Team is often the first voice within
ECH that people hear. We are the connection between people and the rest of the organisation.”

Good customer service is crucial to creating an inclusive community as each person deserves attention and respect to ensure they are comfortable asking for help the next time they need it.

“We provide quality conversations, ensuring people are listened to and not rushed or put on hold,” says Phoebe. Phoebe also says it is very rewarding to receive positive feedback from the ECH community as the team often see a client’s needs through from start to finish.

“It is lovely when we receive feedback about the quality of conversation they received. Clients know they can call the team and we can provide them with the information required to book the right service.”

ECH is also looking into new technology to help improve the customer experience, with the aim to find more ways for ECH clients to get in touch, update their details and amend bookings.

Look out for more information on this over the next few months.

The ECH Customer Service Team is supported by a dedicated team at Kidman Park who handle all the calls from ECH independent retirement village residents. These calls include maintenance requests along with other resident enquiries. If you are an ECH resident and have any maintenance requests, please note the number to call is 8159 4700.