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Community Connection At Home

Married for 45 years, Jill and Milton Heddle met through their church and have been inseparable ever since.

When Jill was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago, Milton knew he would need support to care for her at home.

The couple has been with ECH for almost three years and are now both on Home Care packages. They receive At-Home support from an Occupational Therapist, Home Support Team Members, a Registered Nurse and have domestic assistance once a fortnight.

Going to church every Sunday has always been important to the couple, however during COVID they were unable to attend due to social distancing restrictions.

Prior to COVID, the pair had never used technology, but when with some help from ECH, they now enjoy watching church services at home.

ECH Occupational Therapist Emma found out they were unable to attend church, she helped to set them up with a computer and taught them how to use Zoom so they could stay connected with their community.

“I had never used technology before but once the computer was all set up it was very easy to use,” says Milton.

Milton is an avid Port Power fan while Jill loves to scrapbook and sort through colourful pictures. “I often have to say to Jill, ‘come to bed’ and she will say ‘just a few more pages’,” laughs Milton.

Jill also attends the ECH Day Program at Smithfield and enjoys talking to new people while taking part in activities.

“I like to scrapbook and look at colourful pictures. Time goes quickly when you’re doing something you love.” Milton is grateful for the support he and Jill receive from ECH as it helps him to look after Jill and help them both stay at home.

“ECH has changed our lives immensely, the staff are so good to Jill and I,” says Milton.

“ECH is just marvellous, they support us with anything,” says Jill.

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